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Steelhead fishing on Elk, Sixes, and Coquille Rivers,
near Bandon, Oregon.

January 1 through
March 31

$200 per person per day
(2 person minimum)
Boat used:
Three seated
18 foot North River drift boat

Videos: Steelhead on the upper Coquille #1 (10mb), #2 (21mb), by Gaylord Bridge (205mb).


The steelhead fishing begins around the second week in December and lasts till the end of March. There are presently hatchery releases on the South Fork, the East Fork and the North Fork. All wild fish must be released. Two hatchery fish may be harvested per day with six fish in seven days being the possession limit.

The South Fork has an aggregate streambed and is the largest of the four forks. It has the most access for boat launch and take out of the four forks. It has excellent long drifts for holding water for the steelhead and can handle moderate fishing pressure. The South Fork clears in a couple of days after high water and is best fished high in the river on high water and through the mid river on lower water flows.

 The North and East Forks are both bedrock streams. They both have narrow streambeds with overhanging alder, myrtle, and maple on the banks. They both clear faster than the South Fork and are fishable within hours of the river cresting from a rise. There is river access for boat launch and take out on each stream. Both streams have strong runs and exciting fishing available.


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