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Spring Salmon Fishing      
on the Rogue River, Gold Beach, Oregon

March 20 through
June 30
(summer through August 30)
$400 for two people, $175 for each additional person
Boat used:
24' North River
with canopy
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Rogue River Spring Salmon:

The Spring Salmon fishing on the Rogue River begins in mid-March and runs through mid-June. The Rogue Spring Salmon are constantly on the move in the lower river. Their destination is primarily the Cole Rivers Hatchery, 154 miles upstream. They can migrate up to 15 miles per day. The spring salmon instinctively know that the summer will bring a warm up of the river that they need to get above. They will summer over just below the hatchery and Lost Creek Dam in cool snow melt water until they are ready to spawn in mid to late September.

We are Forest Service Permitted to fish above Lobster Creek and generally concentrate the morning bite upstream. The lower river fishing takes advantage of the incoming tide around the Elephant Rock area.

The technique for fishing is anchoring in current in the salmons' path. When a salmon hooks up, we release the anchor, and the fight is on. During their stay in fresh water, the salmon will live off their body fat. The fat content makes these fish the best eating of all salmon.


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